Bed Attachment Guide

Three Attachments to Choose From
Standard Upright

Bed Clamp Attachment

Used On These Trucks
Ford F150/250
Ford Ranger
Ford Maverick
Jeep Gladiator (w/o Trail Rails)
Toyota Tundra (w/o) Utility Rails)
Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon
Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra
Ram 1500/2500
Nissan Fontier (w/o utility rails)
Nissan Titan (w/o utility rails)

Standard Upright

Utility Rail Attachment

Used On These Trucks
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tundra
Jeep Gladiator
Nissan Frontier
Nissan Titan
Honda Ridgeline

T-Slot Upright

T-Slot Tonneau Cover Attachment

We currently do not work with all T-slot Covers, but we do work with the most popular! As this rack grows in popularity we will add additional sized stud plates to work with other brands..and trucks!

Used With These Tonneau Covers

  • Roll’n’Lock M Series XT
  • Roll’n’Lock A Series XT
  • Roll’n’Lock E Series XT
  • Retrax ONE XRRetrax Pro XR
  • Retrax PowertraxONE XR
  • Retrax PowertraxPRO XR
  • Retrax EQ
  • BAK Revolver XT

Tonneau Cover Guide

Use This Guide to See if Your Cover + Truck is compatible with TRUKD Racks

These Style Covers Will Work

Sit on Top Tonneau Covers

These Tonneau covers work with our racks on any truck with either utility rails or bed clamps. These covers can be soft or hard trifolds or Soft Roll Up Covers.

Hinging Cover Examples:

Diamondback HD/SE

Trifold Cover Examples:

Extang Solidfold 2.0, Extang Trifecta

Soft Roll Up Examples

Besttop Ez Roll, Truxedo Truxport

Soft Roll Up Inside Mount Covers

Soft covers with an inside mount generally do fit on all trucks except for Toyota Tacomas and Tundras with Utility rails that are not flush with the bedside. Some of these covers may need some extra gasket material to seal up the bed.


Truxedo LowPro, Access Covers

Low Profile Trifold Hard Covers

These covers can work with TRUKD Racks but may require modification on certain trucks and the addition of extra gasket material. These type of covers will not work on Toyota Tacomas and Tundras with utility rails that are not flush with the bedside.


BakFlip G2, Bakflip MX4, Rugged Ridge Hard TriFold, Gator FX

What May Not Work

Low Profile Covers w/ Utility Rails that are NOT Flush

This is commonly an issue on Toyota Tacomas and Toyota Tundras, but may be a issue on some Nissans Frontiers and Titans so be sure to check before your order!


BakFlip MX4

Covers with Tight Tolerances

Covers like the BAK Flip G2 and Bak Flip MX4 have enough tolerance to allow for the rack's connection point to get into the bed area. Other covers like the BAK Revolver do no have enough space on certain vehicles. If you have a low profile cover, make sure there is at least 3/16" of extra space on each side of the cover. See diagram.


Bak Revolver (no T slots), Weathertech Hard Trifold, Leer HF650M