TRUKD Ambassadors

Check out these builds!


Adrian runs TRUKD's 18.5" Alternate build on his 2023 Toyota Tundra with 6.5" Accessory Panels and TRUKD 6" Filler plates to complete the look! Adrian is based in NV and routinely hits the desert trails with his awesome truck. Check out his instagram to see more!


Stefan runs a 6.5" TRUKD rack over a Diamondback Tonneau Cover, or a retractable Ironman 4x4 cover depending on his mood. He uses his rack to transport bikes and mount camera gear for some of his awesome photo shoots.


Patrick runs a 24" bed rack over a soft topper on his 2nd gen Tacoma. He's had a few different build on his truck now, upgrading from a V1 12.5" to start.


Jim's Gladiator build is truly one of a kind! This truck was featured at SEMA in 2023 and is currently running a 24" Double Decker rack over a RollnLock MSeries XT retractable tonneau cover.


B's 3rd Gen Tacoma is an absolute unit! He's tested our racks on trails like Colorado's Holy Cross Trail and you can find him with us at many of the Overland Expos.


Levi's F150 is rocking a TRUKD 24.5" rack over a retrax tonneau cover. He uses it with his Battle Born Offraod RTT and expplores everything Idaho has to offer!


Greg runs a 24" TRUKD Bed rack on his long bed Tacoma. He traveled to the artic circle in 2023 and has more sweet trips planned for this year. He's putting the TRUKD rack to the test!