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Get all the features you demand in one high end bed rack system!

Keep Your Cover and Open It with TRUKD Bed Racks

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TRUKD is the Premium, Customizable Bed Rack that You've Been Looking For

Designed for Adventure
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What makes TRUKD Racks Unique?

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Perfect Fit Guarantee

If something doesn't fit, share some pictures and we'll pay for the return shipping in addition to a full refund. We are going to work with you to make sure it's a great fit before it leaves the factory.

Rust Free Guarantee

Our V2 products have the best coatings on the market. Period. See some rust... tell us to get a replacement part...but we know that's not going to happen!

*Guarantee protects you against manufacturer's defect, not damage from use. Lifetime guarantee.

Designed for Every Adventure

Overlanding - Offroading - Kayaking - Mountain Biking - Fishing - Camping - Skiing/Snowboarding - Hunting - Surfing - Paddle Boarding - Canoeing

Create the system YOU need.

Why are TRUKD Bed Racks the Best?

  • Compatible Accessories for Every Adventure
  • Adjustable Height and Length
  • 500 Lbs Per Bar Static Load
  • Tonneau Compatible, Soft Topper Compatible
  • Modular Accessory Panels
  • Made in the USA

Accessory Panels

Take What You Need

When You Need to Carry More

TRUKD Accessory Panels allow you to carry the extra gear you want quick access to such as RotoPax, High Lift Jacks, Traction Boards, Shovels, Fishing Rods, and more.


Bike Mounts, Kayak Mounts, Ski/Snow Board Mounts, and More

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Yes! Currently the only trucks that are not compatible are Dodge Ram 1500 with Ram Boxes, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Chevy Avalanche, and Rivian R1T. Our products are compatible with Honda Ridgelines if you add aftermarket bedside utility rails. Contact us for Ridgeline Orders.

There are lots of advantages to a vertical design. Our number 1 goal is to allow the full functionality of as many tonneau covers as possible. This means vertical uprights!

All racks are not built equal! There are a few things that make us stand out to the discerning buyer. TRUKD racks are taller, more versatile, and more durable. We provide more features, and use higher quality coatings, materials, and hardware. TRUKD Racks are designed by seasoned designers and engineers and are tested rigorously to meet our specifications. Learn More.

All v2 rack components are interchangable. Want a tall side and a short side? Done. Want to use a smaller accessory panel on a bigger rack? Done. Want to add multiple crossbars? Done. Want to add a third crossbar? Done. We make it possible for you to build a setup that's perfect for your needs.

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