About Us

Designers, Engineers, Adventure Seekers

How We Got Started

TRUKD's founder, Ben, purchased a Tacoma in 2020 and was looking for solution to carry his camping gear secured under his tonneau cover while carrying 2 kayaks on a rack above the bed. At the time all the full size racks didn't work with OEM tonneau covers and the couple bar style racks on the market were too small to work well with kayaks. Necessity was the mother of this invention and TRUKD was born. Since creating the company the team has graduated from ground tents to roof top tents, gone on as many adventures as time would allow.

Designed and Built in Pittsburgh, PA

USA! USA! USA! We've always believed in the importance in bringing jobs and manufacturing back to the US. We put our money where our mouth was and not only made our product in the USA, but also brought it back to our local region. We could make it cheaper elsewhere, but this is worth it. Our team is locallly based and has decades of experience in bringing products to market for other companies. This time we decided to do it for ourselves!

Automotive & Outdoors is in our Blood

We are huge car and truck nuts. There's two places to find us when we have a little time to ourselves. In the garage wrenching or out in the woods and/or on the trails. We test our stuff regularly and we are always coming up with new ideas to make it easier to get out and go.

Excellent Customer Service is #1 at TRUKD

No bots in our chat, and a phone number that goes to real people. Actual Humans. We love to talk with our customers, and to figure out what works best for your needs. Message us, email us, text us, call us, we are here for you!

TRUKD Mission

TRUKD isn't about creating a great bed rack, its about creating the best bed rack. Period. The best engineering, the best materials, the best coatings, and the best customer service. Now the best comes with a few strings, it's expensive to get the best. But it is also is designed to last a lifetime with the support to back it. We pour our blood, sweat, and tears into these racks so you don't have to worry and you have the strongest and most functional solution. Period.