Installation V2 6.5" and 12.5" Bed Racks


Make sure your received everything in the correct quantities for installation:

  • 4 Upright Brackets (6.5" or 12.5")
  • 4 Faceplates (6.5" or 12.5")
  • 4 Bar Brackets
  • 4 Bed Clamps (truck models without bed side utility rails)
  • 8 Utility Rail T-nuts (truck models with bed side utility rails)
  • 2 Cross Bars

Bag 1 - Bolts 

  • 8x ⅜ - 16 bolts

 Bag 2A - Screws and Washers

  • 16 1/4-20 x ⅜" screws and washers

Bag 3 - Screws and Washers (Upright to Bar Bracket)

  • 8 3/8-16 x 1" screws
  • 8 large shoulder washers
  • 8 small shoulder washers

Bag 4A - T-nuts and screws (Crossbar to bar brackets)

  • 24 t-nuts 
  • 24  ¼ -20 x .5"screws
  • 1 tube of blue thread locker

Tools Required:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Hex Drivers (4 Sizes)
  • Socket Wrench Set

*we do not recommend using power tools for this installation

***PRE INSTALL NOTES: You will likely need to remove your Tonneau cover to attach the brackets in step 4.  After the brackets are installed and in position you will need to reinstall your Tonneau cover before attaching the crossbars.  Racks with bedside rails must be removed and depending on placement of the uprights, others may need to be removed as well. ***

Step 1

Prepare Screws and Brackets

Add 1 small drop of thread locker to the end of each screws from bag 4A. Using the screws,washers, and t-nuts from Bag 4A pre install 6 into each bar bracket, 24 total.

Step 2

Attach bar ends to your aluminum cross bars.

Push these onto the ends of the aluminum crossbars so the outer face is roughly 1/4in away from the end of the crossbar (Install Wisdom: line up the t-nuts to fit in the slots before sliding the ends on the crossbars).  Tighten one screw just enough so the bar bracket doesn't slide off. Place the small nylon shoulder washers from Bag 3 on each of the alignment pins.

Step 3

Attach Faceplates to Upright Brackets

Add a small drop of threadlocker to each screw from Bag 2A. Use the screws and washers from Bag 2A to attach your faceplates to each corner bracket. Tighten these down now.

Step 4

Attach each bracket to your truck bed.

Add a drop of thread locker to each bolt from Bag 3. Using the supplied utility rail nuts or bed clamps, use the bolts and washers from Bag 3, 3/8-16 to attach the bracket to your truck bed.   It is recommended that you have an extra pair of hands to hold the brackets while you tighten the bolts.  Attach each one loosely then use a measuring tape to ensure that they are placed across from each other and move as needed to align the brackets.  Once the brackets are aligned, tighten them down making sure the upright is vertical.  Adjust if needed to ensure each bracket is vertical. If you are using bed clamps, do not over tighten.  Tighten the bolts until the clamp grabs the bedside and the upright bracket cannot move front to back, and tighten an additional turn.  Do not over tighten to avoid damage to the clamp and rivet nuts. You can deform the steel by over tightening.

Step 5

Attach the Cross Bars.

With the help of a friend, position your crossbar with the bar brackets loosely attached at your desired height setting. Make sure not to drop the nylon shoulder washers on the alignment pins. Use the alignment pins to locate the bar bracket on the upright bracket.  Using the supplied 3/8-16 screws, washers, and nylon shoulder washers attach the bar bracket to each upright bracket. Slide the brackets as needed in order to maintain the upright's vertical position. Use 1 drop of thread locker per bolt.

Step 6

Tighten All Screws

Go over every screw in the system and ensure that it is tight.  Care and attention should be paid to the t-nuts on the aluminum cross bar.  These are designed to dig into the soft aluminum and will not move if tightened correctly. <<There should be a picture here showing correct and incorrect installation of T-nuts>> If you do not have proper contact with the T-nut, loosen it until it can spin and align with the channel, then re-tighten it - you do not have to completely separate the screw from the T-nut. This will keep you, your truck, and your fellow motorists safe during operation of your new rack!  Once everything is tight your rack should feel very solid.  If you push on the side and there is play, something did not go together correctly.  Contact us if you have any issues.  Excessive play will also cause parts to rub on each other wearing through the powder coat and opening up the possibility for rust to occur.

After driving with the rack installed for 25-50 miles on road or 10 miles offroad, check and tighten all bolts.  Bolts may loosen as the rack settles.  Periodically check your bolts to make sure they remain tight.

Final Words

Special Notes:  We've done our best to make this product stand up to the elements, but if you accidentally scratch or damage the powder coat during assembly, we recommend using a black Plastidip spray paint(it matches the powder coat very well!) to cover any place where bare steel is exposed.  Keeping your steel coated will make this product last for all of your trips and adventures to come!

Warranty:  If your product arrives damaged, please let us know and send us pictures within 30 days of arrival and we will replace the damaged components free of charge. We warranty the coating for  5 years from the date of purchase.  Typical wear and tear through use is not covered, but any type of manufacturer's defect such as the powder coat flaking off will be covered.

Thank You: Thanks for purchasing from TRUKD.  We are a small business based out of Pittsburgh, with every part of our racks made in the USA.  We appreciate every one of our customers, we wouldn't be here without you.  If you are truly thrilled by our product, please leave us a review, post some pictures and tag us, or buy some accessories (to be announced later this year!).  We hope to see you on the trails!