What Makes Up a TRUKD Bed Rack?

TRUKD Bed Racks are made up of a few key, modular components, check them out below:


Our Uprights come in 3 sizes: 6.5",12.5", and 18.5".  Each sizes uses our patent pending structural geometry to add stiffness and strength while keeping the metal thickness thin to fit under your tonneau cover.  Our uprights are made from a single piece of 10 gauge steel. 


Why TRUKD is Better Than the Other Guys:

Other companies use 2 dimensional bends which are much weaker and require thicker materials to come close to the same performance.  Our uprights allow for adjustment up and down every 2" starting at 6.5 and going up to the max height of the upright, the other guys have just one height setting limiting you to fewer options.

Patents Pending

Bar Brackets

We sell 2 styles of bar brackets: +0 and +6in.  These brackets can be fitted to any of our uprights so you can design a system that works for your needs.  In addition, you can add multiple brackets/bars per upright in order to create multiple levels of storage.  We love it when we head out for a long trip and so do our customers. 


Why TRUKD is Better Than the Other Guys:

Other companies don't have this component.  They mount the crossbars directly to the aluminum using the holes in the standard extrusion.  This is a problem because threaded aluminum doesn't stand up over time or repeated use.  It's not a question of if, but a question of when those holes will strip out creating a bad part at best or a hazard at worst.  We use stainless steel ribbed rivet nuts or PEMs for all our major connections. Our system is tested off-road and in the lab.  We meet or exceed our published load ratings in both dynamic and static testing.

Patents Pending


Our products are the only bed racks (to our knowledge) that use a complete automotive coating.  First we e-coat our steel parts.  E coat is a dip process that utilizes electrolysis to get in all of the nooks and crannies and completely seal the part for salt/moisture. This is what most new cars use as a base for all their parts. Second, we powder coat over the top of the e-coat to provide a UV stable and durable finish.


Why TRUKD is Better Than the Other Guys:

TRUKD is based in Pittsburgh, PA.  We know the importance of a good coating due to all the salt and winter weather we see.  The other guys use a solid process in most cases, but it's not the best.  Most other companies use a zinc based primer to protect their steel parts from the elements.  We used it too on our V1 system, but wanted to step it up for V2.0! 

Modular Faceplates

Every TRUKD bed rack comes with a set of aluminum faceplates.  These face plate are as functional as they are pretty.  They are designed to be the "face" of our system, but they are also designed to be functional.  Every faceplate has a series of tiedown holes along each side to attach your kayak paddles, the end of your 180 or 270 degree awning, or any other gear.  They are made from aluminum so you can abuse them and not worry if you scratch the coating.  No rust ever on these parts!  Keep an eye on these because we have big plans for them in the future...

Why TRUKD is Better Than the Other Guys:

The other guys don't have these parts, this is a TRUKD only thing!  The other guys use their steel uprights as their faceplates...if those get scratched you see rust and there's no added utility.

Patents Pending

Accessory Panels

Our accessory panels are designed to look the best and are uncompromising in terms of function.  We currently offer them in one length, 52", (more sizes coming in 2023) but you're not stuck putting your uprights in just one location.  We created a system to allow you to move your uprights forward/backward to fit just right on your truck bed, and still allow the full height adjustment of your rack. Just like our faceplates, we use 3/16" Aluminum so that there's never any rust with abuse but there's still plenty of strength. We use an alternating pattern of 1.25" square holes, .25" slots, and .5" holes to be as compatible as possible.  Check out our video series to see what you can mount to our panels and how to mount it.

Why TRUKD is Better Than the Other Guys:

Most other accessory panels are designed with functionality in mind above all else, but we know that your panels aren't always totally kitted out and we believe that they should look good naked.  Many other companies accessory panels lock the uprights to a specific location, but our system allows adjustment forward and back.

Tonneau Compatability

Last but definitely not least!  Our racks are designed to be tonneau compatible first. However, compatibility doesn't stop at install, we understand you need to live with you cover and bed rack. We designed our system to allow covers to be completely opened/closed with the rack installed.  We believe this is one of the most important features and a big pain point with most other rack systems. With the 24.5" system we offer the first trifold compatible system for trucks with 5.5' or less beds.  (larger beds could be compatible depending on the placement of your uprights and your tonneau cover).  In addition our new system is 1.5" wider than V1 so we are even more compatible than before. 

*Did we mention that we work with Diamondback Covers too?  Yes you can open/close your HD cover even with your roof top tent installed!  

**Did we also mention that the 24.5" system is compatible with SoftTopper and Bestop soft bed caps as well?

Why TRUKD is Better Than the Other Guys:

Most other companies that sell tonneau compatible bed racks have a small list of compatible covers and those that are "compatible" won't necessarily open and close with the rack installed.  Those that will open/close with the other guys' are $2000 roll up covers that take up valuable bed space. 

Our team's mission is to get you set up in a way that is most useful on the trail or at Home Depot.  When you are setting up your system contact us to help you determine what will work best for your rack/cover needs.